Friday, March 09, 2012

Spotted: Sarah Meier for PosturaPH

There's a movement going on to wear something Filipino everyday. The Postura Project challenges you to incorporate "Made in the Philippines" fashion to your daily wardrobe for 30 days. One of the advocates of this movement is Sarah Meier - model, writer, host, and a self-inducted ambassadress for Philippine Tourism. 

On her 6th day of the "challenge", Sarah rocked a fringed one-piece swimsuit from Chocolate Clothing by Aztec Rose and wore it as a bodysuit. Perfect for a hot summer day! (Seriously, what is up with the heat?)

Most of the Chocolate Clothing brands are from Australia but we do have an in-house Chocolate Clothing line that is designed and manufactured in the Philippines by Filipinos. We also have some accessories from our Chocolate Frosting line that are made from locally sourced material by our Filipino manufacturers.

Here are some Chocolate Clothing pieces that are made in the Philippines with love -

Tops and Bottoms: Hayley layered ruffled top paired with Ginny shorts; Odelia top paired with Combi shorts

Spring Fling: Huela dress and Lindsay pocket dress

Add some sweetness to your Postura outfits with Chocolate Clothing! We'd love to see how you would style your looks for the Postura Project. Tweet us your photo @Chocolate__ (that's 2 underscores!) or tag  Chocolate Clothing on your Facebook photo!   

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