Thursday, May 31, 2012

Style Inspiration: Zooey Deschanel

You all know her from the popular film, 500 Days of Summer and from the hilarious hit TV Series, New Girl. She has something about her that makes girls want to be her best friend. I know I do! There could be a million reasons why we love the indie queen Zooey, but here's three that would totally win you over: she's cute as a button, multi-talented (other than acting, she sings and writes too!), and she truly has a unique sense of style.

Speaking of style, we love how she always looks so put together in a fun and quirky way. She has this retro flair that is unfailingly feminine with her bows and flowy dresses. She's also equally known for her eclectic fashion choices that matches her upbeat personality. Hard to miss what era inspired her when she always look so 60's MOD. Here are some of her looks that we adore -

Steal Zooey's style and make sure to stock up on flowy dresses, tights, vintage jewelry, bows, high-waisted shorts, pumps and mary janes! Here are some sweet Zooey Deschanel inspired outfits we put together using pieces from Chocolate Clothing! 

Ilima ruffled crop top and Audrey sailor skirt, Iman puff tent top and Pancho printed skirt

Polyana dress, Mina bow tee and Oriana shorts, Trixie dress

Let us know who your style inspirations are and we might just put together some outfits inspired by your favorite celebrity just for you! Send us an email at